Graphics card help needed

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My nine year old brother is desperate to play Lego Bionicle Heroes but our elderly P.C just isn’t up to it. Error message says the graphics card needs to support pixel shaders 1.1.
Can’t afford an expensive graphics card or new P.C. Can anyone suggest a really cheap card that is compatible with our machine and will run the game?
The only technical deatail I have about the machine is AGP 66/133Mz, VGA. and we have Windows XP.
The game gives min requirements as “DirectX 9.0c compatible cards with 64MB ram, supporting vertex shader 1.1 and pixel shaders 1.1.”
I know little about computers (as I’m sure you can tell) so any help would be gratefully received!

That describes almost every card (other than a few relics) that you can buy today, even the bottom of the range.

Depends on the motherboard, if its an old AGP 1.0 specification (maximum AGP 2x / 3.3v mode), then few modern cards will be complatible. With AGP 2.0 (maximum AGP 4x / 1.5v mode) most modern cards would be compatible.

Geforce 6200 (in AGP) or Radeon X1300 (now renamed X1550) (AGP version, not sure if they get renamed as well) would seem to meet the description, though it’s anyone’s guess how smooth it would be with the minimum level card.

I would more worry about the rest of the computer…
Pixel Shaders 1.1 is Radeon 8500 class or Geforce 3 which means that the computer itself is probably very old and its not certain that the CPU and RAM can cope with such “modern” games.

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