Graphics card for qbic shuttle 250w powerstuply


I currently have a qbic shuttle with a 250w power supply and am useing a 9600 xt sapphire, i want to upgrade to a newer x8 agp card, any idea which cards are not so power hungry or can i supplement my card with an external supply?

i was thinking along the lines of 6800 GT geforce or x800 or xfx 6600

any ideas please?

also can anyone gimme a link with good graphics card comparisons, like at toms hardware just more uptodate than this summer.

Thanking you

Your present vid card is the best low power solution, good things don’t always come in small packages(QBIC). Get a new full size computer for the other vid cards.

I wouldn’t go higher than a 6600GT but you might even hit the limit with that one…

I remember seeing some high performance card with an external powersupply some time ago. I just cannot recall what card that was. That may be an option for you, if you really want high performance, as such a card hardly dissipates any power from the internal PSU.