Graphics card, and motherboard dual monitor setup...?

i have a radeon 9200 graphics card, it supports two monitors. My motherboard also has a monitor output… is it possible to use my graphics card in conjunction with my motherboards monitor… wouldnt this let me have 3 monitors?

ive tried hooking up a second monitor up to the motherboard, but it just stays blank…

any advice is appreciated

Usually it’s not possible since the integrated video is connected to the AGP.

nop, you have to choose te display device, your graphics card or your motherboard display device.
you can´t have the 2 in same time
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You can if your motherboard is using the ATI integrated chipset.
The ATI integrated video can be used in conjunction with an ATI dual video card in order to give you the ability to use 3 displays.

If not…then you can’t.
In order to get the second monitor working, you will most likely need to go into your video properties and set it up.

I didn’t know that. I have an ATI 9700 AGP card but I need to have an ATI chipset motherboard.

From the ATI website regarding the Radeon 9100 IGP:

  • Triple display support is also made possible in a mainstream PC by merely adding an ATI AGP graphics card. Overall, RADEON 9100 IGP is offering a lot more performance and feature for less cost.

So…you can create the “panoramic” 3 display setup…but you will need:
1 - Radeon IGP chipset motherboard (currently INTEL only)
2 - dual monitor AGP Radeon graphics card

ASUS has 2 offering with this chipset…a micro and a fullsize.
I’m sure others exist…these are just the 2 that I deal with.


Yes you can, on start up… hit F8, run in VGA mode, both monitors are going to depict the same screen… right click on desktop and go to properties, settings tab. It’s going to show you a number of blue monitors in a window(depending on how many your graphics card/motherboard is supporting) one of them wll have a box checked “Use this device as the primary monitor” and the other will say “extend my windows desktop onto this monitor” select that box, then just position the little blue monitors in the order you want the mouse to scroll between the desktops. BUT YOU MUST HAVE ONE MONITOR RUNNNING A (BLUE) VGA CABLE AND THE OTHER RUNNING A (WHITE) DCMI CABLE.

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