Graphics author complains about RIAA ripping his work

I just posted the article Graphics author complains about RIAA ripping his work.

The Inquirer reports that an author of original graphics images, Ryan Bliss, has complained that a video on a RIAA web site has used his work without permission:

The video, Beautiful Goodbye,…

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RIAA attitude if you got the money and a bit of political clout…everyone else can kiss your arse… it appears that if you make the rules you don’t have to abide by them…:7

so its alright for the riaa to steal other artists work and not give them any credit yet when we do the same they put up a big fuss. f***ing hypocrytes

Why would the RIAA be bitching and mouning over online music trading when they’re guilty of copyright infringement themselves? I hate the RIAA?

Ahhh, don’t you love America :4

done a bit of research and its his picture alright (blurred and wavy but his picture) but I found it on another site without the watermark so who knows where they got it from. Naughty though copyright theft is bad :slight_smile:

RIAA stealing intellectual property? I like that :4

LOL! I’ve used that image for a nice background for some friends I have…just because they’re cute and to practice a bit on Photoshop. Awesome pic. Hope he kick’s RIAA’SS :4

Alien_X… what you just said about the RIAA can be said about you. Think about it, you say they steal from artists but when you steal from them they put up a big fuss. So you’re doing the exact same thing, only when you do it it’s alright… when they do it you put up a big fuss. The only difference is you are stealing from them, they didn’t steal a damn thing from you. Talk about a hypocrite.

Something interesting… upon looking at rexroach’s research the thought came to me… What the hell does this have to do with the RIAA? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for bashing the bloody lot of them… but hell the image in question is a background for a music video, correct? So you’re blaming the entire recording industry for what a musician and director decided to put in a music video? I honestly fail to see any connection what so ever. You’re blaming them for a music video they had absolutely no part in. You guys are a little to eager to bark up the wrong tree… probably in order to try and hide the fact Alien_X pointed out already… you’re all guilty of the same crime. You steal music and the RIAA is over-reacting. Some director not involved with the RIAA steals an image for a music video and you try to drag the RIAA in to as though it justifies your own actions. Any sort of logic is completely absent in the whole idea. It’s not an RIAA video, the RIAA didn’t make it. It’s the same video they play on Country Music channels… next I suppose you’ll tell me CMT is stealing the artwork as well…

Good point jab. This is the record company’s fault. It has nothing to do with the RIAA. Except for the fact that they both are stupid as hell.

RIAA may or may not have directly had anything to do with the making of the video;(inderectly they did because the maker of the video was a member of RIAA) BUT!!! Possession of stolen property is Possession of STOLEN property. It didn’t matter that when I got kicked off napster because I downloaded a Metalica song (which I happen to own the CD of)according to them and the (supposed) laws. copywright infringement is copywright infringement. According to the laws US & Canada (I can’t speak for other countries) If you are in possession of stolen property (whether you know it is stolen or not) YOU are still GUILTY of possessing stolen property PERIOD.

As to the RIAA possessing stolen property, they don’t as they really have little control over such things as artwork used in videos, concerts, album covers… etc. If they had any sort of control over such things I’m sure they’d fill it with anti-p2p slogans and ads for $20 CD’s. So obviously they don’t have such control. And if the director of the video is a RIAA member, it makes little difference as to the attachment of the RIAA. It was not an RIAA decision, it was this man acting as the video’s maker. Plain and simple. You can’t blame an organizations based upon what one member may or may not do outside of the job. They are seperate actions, but I’d really like to see some proof as to the video maker being a member of the RIAA. I don’t buy that one bit and it sounds like a stretch to me. And as to the “law” you know as well as I do if any suit was brought against the RIAA in such a case as this it would be thrown out. Again, the RIAA is not in control of those matters and it leaves it up to the makers of the material. It’s the same way Vanilla Ice could be sued for ripping off that music from Queen’s Under Pressure. Was the RIAA sued? Nope. That’s because reguardless of how you try and twist the law, the RIAA didn’t screw up for once. I’m all for RIAA bashing, but by trying to jump after them for things they haven’t done is a bit over the top. It’s only going to encourage the non-thinking behaviour and greed that alot of board members have shown. Making baseless claims like this only make the problem larger.