Graphical corruption at post + constant restarting



my younger bro bought a new clone computer 2 months back and during the first week of usage the comp restarts randomly regardless of the tasks it is performing. it would even restart on just winamp playing mp3s. we DID NOT OVERCLOCK or underclock it. we tried to find the source of the prob by ourselves: 3Dmark it for overnigth, have updated the bios, reseated the graphics card and cpu, reset cmos, tried the memory in different channels, tried both usb and ps/2 keyboard and mouse, checked the temps are well within spec; we can’t find the source. so we brought it back to the store. ppl there ran test on it and after many test later they manage to get a restart half way through a simulation of a game. the technician said that it was a graphical driver and power thing. the motherboard has an onboard graphic card, C51G graphic chip on it. he recon that we get a better and more powerful PSU and an off board graphic card. we did that and the PC restarted less often, as in once in 3 days? unfortunately i was busy at that time and couldn’t handle the pc stuffs for him (i was his transport and guardian but uni finals comes first). 3 days ago, his comp completely won’t start up with the off board Gigabyte GeForce6600GT. took out the graphic card and enable the onboard chip. the pc restarts on 2 different situation:

  1. with graphical corruption (the vertical lines on the winfast word) at post screen and it will never get to hit the winXP log in screen. it just froze at the post screen.
  2. restart it again by reset button. it enters into xp just fine but usually reboot during 20mins or less into usage, regardless of what is running on pc.
    we tried many restarts and it’ll alternate between situation 1 and 2. situation 2 is like a more severe version of the initial situation. we couldn’t run 3Dmark on it without it restarting on the instant the program starts…
    the specs of the comp is PC2 in my signature:
    AMD64 Sempron 2500+, Winfast6100K8MB-RS mobo (with onboard graphic chip based on Geforce 6100GT), Maxtor SATA 120Gb, 512 400MHz Apacer DDR Ram, Liteon SOHW-1653S DVD±RW, Cooler Master 430W, WinXP SP1
    …any idea or suggestion as to what is the problem? i’m bringing it back to the store tomorrow to see what can they do about it.

i know there was a thread similar to this, so if it was wrong to create another thread then i’m sorry and the MODs can move or delete this thread.


Clean fans and make sure no component and the whole system is not overheating…

But most likely the gfx card is damaged.


it’s a brand new comp when the symptoms started. the temp in the comp is alright around 40 celcius for nearly everything when checking with speed fan… but the sensors could be broken cause we did noticed that north bridge is freakkin’ hot even when the comp is idle…
plus this happens when using the on board graphic chip, we have taken out the off board graphic card when the comp refused to start up with it. could the on board graphic chip be damage?


Everything once was brand new - doesn’t mean it could fail any day.

When a gfx card is installed the internal one is or should be disabled.

Test the RAM modules with some memtest tools.


Probably some kind in of incompatibility and or broken component, tried getting a new motherboard? Try running it using the builtin GPU, if its stable plugin the 6600GT.


hmm, didn’t really manage to do much on thrusday night because the comp refused to boot up and freezed at the post screen… we took it back to the technician and he found that the apparent post screen freeze problem was a faulty ram. :doh: took out that ram and sent it for warranty. now we have to wait about 2 weeks for the replacement to reach us.
after that, we were still left with a comp that restarts whenever we tried to run a game. we gave in and looked for updates of nearly every single driver available for the comp. tested the comp each time we updated a driver. we found the problem when we updated the onboard graphic driver. somehow the driver provided in the motherboard cd for the onboard graphic chip is causing the problem. after we updated the graphic driver to the latest available driver, the chip was renamed to Geforce 6100 and not C51G anymore. the comp is stable rigth now and pretty much ran every single game we throw at it without restarting. :smiley:

[B]to chef[/B]: didn’t really manage to check out the ram again after reading your post because by that time the comp completely freezed. i freaked out and brought it to the technician. thanz for the advice though, will remember to check ram first if i ever do encounter such post screen freeze again. :smiley:

[B]to DiiZzY[/B] : yah, it was an incompatable driver for the onboard graphic chip. it’s finally stable and we’ll be testing it out with the off board 6600GT when we get back our replacement ram. thanz for your advice :slight_smile:

i’m glad that all is over and the comp is finally stable. though i still wonder as to why did they provided a driver that will not work with the onboard graphic chip :confused: and there was no accompaning instruction/warning/attention notice together with the motherboard manual…
all that is left now is to wait for the replacement ram to arrive… running on an old 256ram… soo slow (-_-|||)


[B]animanga234[/B]: Good day, I bought the same motherboard as yours, but I have a problem with SuperStep it crashes everytime I run this application. Do you encounter the same problem? Thank you so much.