Graphic Tablets?

are all graphic tablets created equal? i was looking at Wacom ones, but then found some other brands at Frys for alot cheaper… i havent been able to compare specs yet, but was wondering if anyone had any knowledge offhand about this…thanks much in advance!

Wacom’s main line of tablets are pretty much the best known and supprted, with extra plugins for some programs available for them.

The main points in “are they equal” though are:

  1. Linear resolution
  2. Pressure resolution (if you use pressure)
  3. Other axis (some tablets & pens have a tilt axis)
  4. Other pen options (tip click, eraser, sidebar)
  5. Mouse - in some, the mouse is battery-free

I used to totally dig CalComp, but WACOM is the best consumer level line, imo. As said, they are very well supported.