Graphic redish darkish colour


I recently recieved my Leadtek nVidia Geforce GT, but i have been seeing some darkish redish colours on my desktop and during games.

I also had this while i had my Geforce 5700 256mb.

Why is this?


darkish redish

hm, could you explain what you mean with this? i don’t understand…


Thanks for the response, the images I have attached I don’t know whether it will show up on yours as it does on mine.


i don’t see something wrong on the pix…

only thing is that the left one is very un-sharpened… :wink:

Oh well its like a sort of dark red colour. Is something wrong with the gamma?

I have a monitor that is kind of broken and that displays everything with a toutch of red. Tried it with several different gfx boards but it was always the same. Try with other graphics boards and if the same deffect shows up something is wrong with your monitor.

Donald is probably right Merther, if its done this on more than one video card as you say. Monitors are one of the things we repair at my work, and I know they can fail this way. It can also happen with other colors too. You can see too much red, too much blue, or too much green. I’m assuming here that you have a CRT type monitor.

In CRT monitors, there are three “laser guns” (red,green,blue), that strike the backside of your screen, from top to bottom, over and over again very quickly, to display your image on the screen to you. One or more of these guns (or the board that powers the guns) is probably getting weak and isn’t as powerful as it should be.

It may stay like that, or get worse, or die altogether. Maybe tomorrow, next week, or never. But sounds like your monitor may be on it’s last leg.

Oh, and I can tell you this also, only large or otherwise expensive monitors are worth fixing. Believe me the cost to repair isn’t worth it, it’s not cheap. To repair a non flat panel 17in monitor, it costs almost as much to fix it, as it would to just buy a new one. They’re just so cheap to buy.

I have an LCD screen.

They can also fail in a variety of ways. It’s still probably a bad monitor. Like Donald said, just try another monitor. If its OK, then you know what the problem is.

I dont think the chances of it being something else are very good. I suppose it’s possible your mobo or some craziness in Windows is the cause, but I really doubt it.

Also merther, have you tried messing around with the setting in your monitors menu. Most monitors have lots of settings in them besides shaping and moving the screen. There are sometimes color settings etc. You think maybe its possible someone would have changed anything in there, maybe family or friend and you didnt know about it? I don’t have an LCD, so I don’t know much about their bells and whistles.

Ok, when i get round to it ill try on my laptop and post results.

But thanks guys for your help :).

monitor problem

it could also be the monitor cable. I had the same thing happen to me when one of the pins on my monitor cable connector broke off.