Graphic card problem, geforce4 ti4600

I’ve been having a strange problem with graphics in games lately. In all 3d games there appears to be cracks between polygons which makes everything look crap. I’ve updated my drivers and also directx but nothing helps. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to these things though… Is something wrong with my graphics card or is it a software problem? Any help would be very appreciated.

Does this happen on every game you play? If not then you might have AA turned on. When AA is on it forces the games to refresh the entire frame, not just things that change. Some programs don’t support that so some things end up missing. You can go into your video options settings in display properties and change this. However, if this isn’t the case then, just try to reinstall the drivers.

It does appear in every game I’ve tried. It didn’t happen at all before though, just started one day. I’ve tried reinstalling drivers and updating directx. Neither worked.

Then try to turn off antialiasing if it’s turned on. Some games force it to turn on but don’t turn it off. I know that can cause what happened to you cause the same thing happened to me. Try that then tell me how it goes.

This issue could be hardware related as well. As the problem only started today, I don’t expect the power supply to be the problem. Another thing that could cause problems like these is the temperature of the card. It may be a good idea to open up your case and check the cooling of your card. Sometimes cooling fails (the heatsink falls off the chip or the fan just dies) and problems like these appear…

When a card is used on the desktop, there isn’t much graphical computational work to be done. When switching over to game, the card needs to perform quite some (up to 100% load) and generates quite some heat…

I tried turning anti-aliasing off. Didn’t work, thanks anyway though. I’ll check the card itself tomorrow. Just one thing, if it has been overheating, would something on the card be broken, or is it just the fan that needs to be fixed?

The two most common failures on cooling failure is either the heatsink falling off or a stuck/broken fan.

If the cooling fell off, you have to find a way to mount it back again. Often, a certain type of pins are used to mount the card. These don’t fail that easy, but it happens. I think you can get these mounting pins at about every computer store.
Sometimes, a heatsink is “glued” to the chip to be cooled. This glue can come loose when it gets too hot. Again, the thermal adhesive can be bought at most computerstores.

But what if the fan fails? The fans that are mounted in the heatsinks or most time impossible to replace. Luckily there good cooling sets for pretty low prices available. These sets come with all the materials you need to mount them. A good thing is that most of these sets lower the noise from your AGP card and cool better than standard solutions…!

What temperature is your card running at when this occurs?