Graphic card install... help

Hi i have rescently bought a nvidia fx5900 card. I notice it is massive compared to me other shitty card! I have not installed it as i dont have a big enough power supply yet, but i have ordered a 600w so all should be good.

One query i have though is the metal bit where the card meets the case where you put the screw in there is a big gap where the card is very wide. Could this be because it is not made to go on my oldie motherboard or that my case is too small or what? Also would it hurt to apply a bit of electrical tape to kind of hold it in place?

Please give me some feedback if you can.

Thanks! :bow:

You mean that it looks like that the card doesn’t fit the slot in lenght, but actually it’s connected but you cannot screw it on because of the gap? I had the same problem with my old SB card. The important thing is that the card must sit flawlessly in the motherboard connection slot (AGP/PCI).

I also remember my old Voodoo 3, which had that metal plate on right side (looking from the bird perspective when the card is installed in - that small pin on the plate, that goes behind MB) a little backbow. Maybe this is also the problem with your card.

Hope this helps.

I think this is the problem i was just wondering how should i secure it? And is it my motherboard that is causing the problem cause it is old? I will only need it secure for a few months cause i am then upgrading my motherboard anyway… :cool:

Not close enough to the rear of the case, or not getting down low enough?

I’m wondering if the card is not “universal keyed” (3.3 and 1.5 v slotted) and perhaps isn’t seating because of the mismatch - if the motherboard is 3.3v keyed, and they may have droipped 3.3v support on such a recent and powerful card, then it will not fit, and forcing it will cause damage.

If the old AGP card fitted ok, then the motherboard can’t be mispositioned.

I’ve also had trouble where the bottom tab of the slot plate was not straight, and fouled the bottom guide.

I wouldn’t bodge it, if it doesn’t fit properly, there’s a reason - often the first thing to try is loosening the screws of the adjacent cards (though there will only be one side of the AGP)

Here is a little drawing i made of the prob so people understand click the link bellow:

The top pic is how it is ment to look and fit. The bottom is how it does look and fit…

Ok, you need to push the damn card down into the AGP slot, all the way down. Also, you know you’re suppose to put studs between the mobo and case right?

i have pushed in hard! and there is a little clip to clip in the board and i have clipped it

Well, all AGP cards are standized, but from the looks of your avator, maybe you bought a pirated version.

Pirated hardware?

BTW, are you being careful about West Nile?

Man, I don’t know. I need to see a photo of the OP’s old video and new video card side by side. If the old one fits, there’s no reason why the new one doesn’t. Unless he bought a used card and the previous owner adjusted the bracket.

theplastickid, have you compared your old and now this new cards?

my new one is slightly wider as u can see im my little pic. I bought it brand new so it has not be adjusted. It is wider by about 1cm

Check here

If your old card is slotted like this

Or this

And the new card lacks the 3.3v compatibilty marker

Then for god’s sake put it away until you get a new motherboard - if the motherboard has a 3.3v key, and the card has no 3.3v cutaway, then it will not fit, and you will damage something by trying.

finally managed to get it in. Thanks Guys!

What was the issue? :wink:

I couldn’t fit in my old VGA card, because the DVI connector was somehow oddly placed, so it stucked when I tried to fit it into the hole.

Share the solution, so some of us could prevent the error in future. :slight_smile: