Graphic card information

hey there i just need to know whether it is possible to download a graphics card drivers say of a high definiton one, one which we have in nvidia in 5 series . cause i have one nvidia (palit)8400 gs super 512 mb card already . just want to make sure that can i just simply download the drivers of the newly coming hd gfx cards and use it for best performance by simpling upgrading my gfx card by these new updated hd gfx card drivers.

Well first off each of those card are different drivers and you can find them on the Nvidia site where you can download them. Since I don’t know the model of the 5 series your referring to you have to look at the nvidia site and go to their driver download site and select what version of GPU you have and it will give you the most current driver download for your video card. Those made for the 8400 will not work on the 5 series cause if the 5 series is the older model you most likely will get a version matching the 5 series. So you will have to make sure you get the right drivers for your video card. No the most recent drivers will match only the newer card or those that nvidia says it will work with. Your card might not get the new drivers but as mention you have to use the nvidia site and find the right drivers. Installing the wrong drivers will make your system unstable and most likely not work correctly.