Graphic card help

can someone please help i have a 19 "monitor but my graphic card doesnt support the 1140x900 rev so i guess i have to buy a new card and i dont know which one to buy any help please heres my pc spec’s

oh and a not to expensive card also , just need the rev to be set right

thanks !

Processor Description:
Athlon XP: 1800+ - 3000+
Duron: 1.3GHz - 1.8 GHz
Click here for maximum CPU support
Click here for maximum Front Side Bus (FSB) support
Processor Type:
Socket A
Graphics Info:
Embedded UniChrome TM GFX 2D/3D Graphics with motion compensation
Share system memory up to 32MB
Chipset Description:
VIA KM400/VT8235 chipsets
Supports 266/333 MHz FSB
Chipset Type:
System Memory Type:
System Memory Description:
Two DDR SDRAM (266/333) DIMM sockets support up to 2GB

System Memory Recommended Partners:
Soyo Recommended Kingston Memory
Expansion Slots:
One 4X / 8X AGP Slot
Two 32 bit Bus Mastering PCI slots
One CNR slot

Audio Description:
AC97 CODEC on board audio solution
IO Description:
One RS-232 serial ports (16550 UART compatible)
One parallel printer port (SPP/EPP/ECP mode)
One FDD port (supports 3 modes, 1.2/1.44/2.88MB FDD)
Provides 6 USB 2.0 ports (4 rear, 2 pin headers)
IrDA compatible infrared port (pin header)
IO Connections Description:
PS/2 Mini-DIN mouse & keyboard ports
Four USB 2.0 ports
1 RJ45 (10/100) LAN connector
One 15 pin VGA connector
Two D-Sub 9-pin male serial ports
One D-Sub 25-pin female printer port
Audio I/O: LINE-OUT x 1, LINE-IN x 1, MIC JACK x 1

IDE Description:
Two Parallel ATA IDE ports
Supports up to PIO mode 4 & ATA 100/133
Two PCI bus mastering ATA E-IDE ports
IDE Type:
UDMA 33/66/100/133
BIOS Description:
Supports multiple-boot from E-IDE / SCSI / CD-ROM / FDD / ZIP
2 Mbyte Flash ROM
Health Monitoring Description:
On board voltage monitors for CPU Vcore, +5V, +12V, 3.3v and 2.5v
System temperature sensor
CPU temperature monitoring through flexible thermal sensor

Your motherboard has an 8x AGP slot, so I would think any modern AGP video card would do. Both Nvidia and ATI based cards should be able to use this resolution, and even in the remote chance it doesn’t show up as an option, you can set custom resolutions in their control panels.

Do you need the ability to play games, or play high definition video? Or do you just need a basic card? Newegg has AGP cards starting at $27 plus shipping if you are in the US, but the very low cost cards are not suitable for games and other demanding tasks. They work just fine for normal computer usage.

The ATI cards seem to be more plentiful in AGP, so you might look at something like this as a basic card. More advanced cards are available of course, depending on your needs and budget.

thanks sooo much ! i just need to for basic computer use no games , for example all my photos are streched out and writing doesnt look good either

thanks for the link to newegg i will probaly buy that one !

so is it ok to install this card even if i have a onbaord graphic card already installed ?

once aagin thanks for your time and help

You should be fine using an AGP card. Normally what happens is that the computer bios is set up to recognize that you have a video card installed, and it becomes the primary video output.

If you have any problems, post back here and we’ll try to help you through them.