Graphic art for DVDFab products



Hey Fengtao. I think DVDFab (platinum) is a great program for making backups of my DVD’s. I frequently come up w/ graphics for various software/projects in my spare time. I’m an Adobe Photoshop addict…lol. Anyways, I threw together some things related to your products. If you feel like you may be interested in using them for your site/software UI’s, etc., then lemme know. I do this stuff for free and for my enjoyment. Helps me build practice. Anyways, have a look.


Very professional.


Thanks, linx05.


Think this should have been put on future request for DVDFAB as it might get looked at sooner in that thread, maybe Alan can move it there, by the way good work SAVADEN


Thanks for the heads-up, Jaminsd. I wasnt sure quite where to start this thread. But, I did send a PM to Fengtao, directing his attention here. If it needs to be moved, that’s fine though. Thanks.


YW and welcome to the forum where we have the greatest bunch of guys on here than any other forum and don’t be a stranger pop in anytime if you have a problem or not you’re always welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome. I’ve browsed the forums here many times, esp. when I was first learning/experimenting w/ methods of duplicating DVD’s. Has helped me quite a bit.


I agree!:iagree: Excellent work.


Good idea I wonder what would be response from Fengtao?.


Hi savaden,

Thank you very much! I’m very impressed.

Please contact with me at fengtao(at), and we should put them on website asap.

Best Regards,


Very impressive. Nice work,savaden:clap:


Yup, very nice job!


Just toying with more ideas and thought I’d post 'em.

Thanks everybody, for the comments. I’ve also emailed you, fengtao.


Hey fengtao. Just thought I’d revive this post as its been a couple of months and I was wondering if you were still interested in using any graphics. I sent you an email, as requested back in Feb., but didnt recieve a response. Just let me know when you have a sec. Thanks.