Grandmother sues RIAA over unlicensed investigators

I just posted the article Grandmother sues RIAA over unlicensed investigators.

Ms. Crain, a grandmother who thought she escaped the worst with what Hurricane Rita put her through got another nasty surprise when she received a P2P lawsuit. For one thing, she never…

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xDDDDD Die you RIAA and all other copyright bloodsuckers orgs. around the world!

"on a look-up of ‘RIAA’ even makes it appear that the organisation’s speciality is suing people to fight piracy. " That IS their speciality. It’s entirely within their mandate. Their web site will tell you the same thing. And no, I dont agree with the tactic.
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Yeah, RIAA tries to make money with suing, not with sell music, that sucks :B

Git em grandma!!! :slight_smile:

Go Granny! Give these RIAA thugs a swift kick in the nuts!

I hope she takes them to the cleaners. Those dirty bastards are like some corrupt agents from prison break who want to ruin your life. Makes me sick.

die you dirty legal bstards…you fcked up RIAA MPAA or whatever AA. Go granny! Kick the legal btches sses! they must realize that they are nothing more than little sons of btches that are not capable of anything but suing innocent grandparents and little children - they cant even sell a box if they wanted to! die die die evil bstards!