Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - SecuROM 7.006! How to burn?

I bought the game today. I have Lite-On DVD-RW SOHW-832S (latest firmware from Omni)

I have latest Alcohol 120%, and Alcoholer 4.1

Whats the best way to make a WORKING copy for me? Alcoholer has TwinPeaks built in.

I also use ASPI 4.7 if thats a problem.


[sry for bad english]
so far i know, it is on DVD
take the newest alcohol, forgot alcoholer and when you copy the DVD, read the DPM and burn the RMPS :wink: and don’t forget to bypass the blacklist and turn RMPS emulation on!

How to bypass the blacklist?

edit: just saw the thread title… :wink:
securom - is it dvd or cd?


Is it double layer? I.e Bigger than 4.3GB?


3.9Gb worth of data.

Twinpeaks will not work with SecuROM DVD’s.
Try just making a copy with Alcohol120%, tick the DPM option on image creation. You will need to have RMPS emulation enabled to play from your backup though.

Last Blindwrite version with autoplay could be a good option too

but i patched the game, and now the games di’dn’t work

but i patched the game, and now the games di’dn’t work

The 1.01 brings in strong new blacklists. You will have to for the software to be updated or wait for people to find ways round them.