Grand Theft Auto III PC and Windows XP

Can’t get this game too run correctly under Windows XP Pro, the sound is ok, other than that you get a nice black screen. Can’t find the patch for it either. Tried too tell the game using the shortcut compatibility mode that it’s running under Windows ME/98 even 95, no joy.

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note>just got back on the net after 2 weeks of waiting for a replacement Asus A7v333 m/b.

mine runs without a problem…is your directx install ok??

Install this patch:
You can find more details in the game’s readme file.
I hope this solve your problem.

Sorry the correct link is:

Ok, I think I have the answer to your problem. First, make sure you have the latest version of DirectX, which is 8.1 I believe. Root around in you control panel to see what version you have. If it’s not the latest, you can find it at the microsoft site in the download section. If you have the latest version, click here to get the pach that should resolve your problem. Let us know how it goes. Also, please provide your system info so I can let you know if you have a graphics/sound card compatibility problem or other such conflicts. Good Luck.

Okay, Lupicupi sent his reply while I was typing mine. Both the links work though, so I hope this fixes your problem!

hiya. My PC is Duron 900mhz on a motherboard with 200mhz bus. i have 512mb of SDram PC133 type and a 32mb diamond stealth 3 S540 Gfx Card. The game is playabl on the very lowest settings and also i change windows to 16bit display and turn off all exstra software. still laggy when driving cars or looking up from groud when running along. Will the patch do anything help and does anyone have any sugestioins??

cheers andy

the microsoft patch worked for me when i had that problem

andy, ya need a new graphics card. sorry bud.

video card means nothing bud i have a geforce3 ti500 and had the same prob. download the patch and come back:D

although your card is outdated it should still play ive tested it but dont expect the arcade…

it’ll chop before he’s 2 minutes in :frowning:

Make sure your Harddrive is fast, cause a slow hd creates a laggy game. I have win98se, 384mbRAM, 800mhz p3, and a Geforce3 Ti500 and I get 30fps at 1024x768x32. Don’t forget that the PS2 version also lagged during corners and high speed chases as well.

I got a poor system, AMD XP 2100+, Geforce 4 Titanium 4600, 512meg of Crucial 2100 memory and 140 gig of udma 100 via 4 drives plus a plextor x12 x 10 x 32 writer, ultraplex x40 reader, Liteon x32x12x40 (W** firmware) now modded too a x48 x12x40 with mount rainer support. I wonder if GTA III will run on that? maybe it needs a 4ghz processor, 10 gig of memory and 1 million gig of HD space too install<a bit of humor thrown in for good measure.

Cheers for the patch it worked great.

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intercept…you need a new computer

yes, i think yours became obsolete last tuesday :wink: