Grand Theft Auto 3

Hi all

I need some help I install Grand Theft Auto 3 on windows XP with
nvodia gforce3 ti 500 it will play the game but I can not see the text for the game.Can you help me?

Thank you

Go to

Download the patch named Q306676

This should update your D3D.dll file and the text problems are fixed!

Is this the one

Windows XP Patch: Direct3D-Based Screen Saver Hibernate/Standby Error

If the 3D Flowerbox, 3D Flying Objects, 3D Pipes, 3D Text, or another Direct3D-based screen saver is running in Windows XP, the computer may be unable to enter standby or hibernation by using the timer in Power Management properties. Download now to avoid this issue.
For More Information -
Version - Q306676
Release Date - 11 Apr 2002
Estimated Download Size/Time @28.8 - 3,099 kb / 16min
System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Operating System - Windows XP

Yes, it is exactly the one.

Thank You:) :bigsmile: