Grand Opening deals at Fry's

Seagate 400GB PATA Drive
I’ve purchased Five of these drives in the past few months for between $99 & $110. They had free shipping at the time. This one doesn’t. Four of the PATA drives are 7200.9 and one is 7200.10. I’ve also purchased two 400 GB SATA drives. Both of them are 7200.10.

Also, for those wanting an inexpensive PSU for their mom’s or kid’s computer, this Ultra V Series 500 is free after a $40 rebate with free shipping.
Ultra V Series 500 watt PSU

They also have an NEC 3550A OEM drive in beige for $29.99 with free shipping.

Update on that PATA hard drive. It’s now $95 with free shipping!

Seagate 400GB PATA

wow…pulls out the CC…thanks

Thanks…thanks a lot…now I’m 200 bucks poorer and 800gb richer :slight_smile:

Now to find some enclosures…I’m out of space :frowning:

For some reason it charged me shipping. I suppose they might not actually charge it. Even so, total cost (no tax) was less than 100 per drive, so less than .25 per gb. No complaints here.

ok super dumb question here. I need a new hd for my computer, my old wd is beginning to whine very loud! What does pata mean? Is this a regular ide drive? I have a sata port? im confused??? :confused:

also when i go to oder its coming up at $189.99???

Bought this last month/very good deal

When those designations concern hard drives, PATA = Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment, which is the standard IDE hard drive; and SATA = Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, the newer type. Early versions of SATA didn’t provide for better operation than PATA, although the latest version (3.0) seems to.

One of the best things about SATA is that it frees up an IDE connector for more burners. But once motherboard manufacturers realized they were bringing joy to those of us who like having several burners in one computer, they quickly reduced the number of IDE connectors from two to one. With many newer motherboards, it’s necessary to use SATA HDDs in order to have any connection for burners. Either that or buy an IDE card for HDDs. Or go out and beat the bushes for rather scarce SATA burners.

:clap: Amen!

The deal on the 400GB PATA is over. Today the SATA version is on sale for $99.99 with free shipping. The last time I ordered two of these they were both 7200.10.

Seagate 400GB SATA hard drive

Also, it would seem the NEC drive is now $25 with free shipping.
NEC 3550A

please remove

i would say remove this tomorrow. the deal is still going on. just ordered the 400GBer

It defaults to 2nd day shipping. you have to change it to ground to get free shipping.

Unfortunately, I had to pay sales tax, but it should be here Tuesday. With tax, it brought the price a little over $ 100.

I was thinking about picking up one of these 400GB drives, but it looks like the specials have run out.

The last HD I bought was labeled Ultra ATA/EIDE. Is this the same as PATA? My PC is several years old, I know it doesn’t use SATA.

I am falling in love … with Fry’s. :flower: I ordered two of the 400GB SATA drives for $100 each plus sales tax early Saturday afternoon and they have already arrived.

Both drives are 7200.10 (perpendicular recording) and not 7200.9 as their web site stated.

Me too :slight_smile: I ordered mine Saturday evening and it came about a half hour ago and I got the 7200.10 also :clap: . No sales tax in NJ for so I only payed $99.99 with the free shipping :iagree: :bigsmile: ripit THANKS again !!! :bow:


Even better special on the Seagate PATA 400GB, $89.99.

Once again, I need to ask, is a PATA drive the same connection type as an Ultra ATA133/EIDE?


Thanks! I held off on last week’s special because I wasn’t 100% sure my older mobo could handle this drive. Today, I was kicking myself for missing out on such a smoking deal. Waiting a few days actually saved me a few bucks :wink:

Go to seagates website and enter your serial #'s and you will be disappointed to find that your drive shows up as OEM and only has a one year warranty instead of five. :a