Gran turismo 4

as gt4 has been released on dvd9 format can anybody tell me if i will be able to back it up on the appropriate burner and media and will a dvd9 copy play in a modded ps2?

Both releases thus far have been nuked so I’ll assume they didn’t work.

i have a ps2 and it is chipped with magic 3 my friend’s chipped with messiah i have Gran turismo 4 original and it won’t even boot on both machines ! is this because they are chipped or what this has never happened before on any game and i probably have about 500 back-up games can anyone shed any light on this prob

check out they generally have most of the fixs or advice :slight_smile: will be trying to back it up myself shortly so lets know how you get on,they have dual layer discs here but they are expensive,will give it a bash anyway and post results,or might be a better site the other one deals mainly with flip tops.

i have the original of gran turismo 4 and that will not even get past the browser this has never happened before. The only way this game looks like it will work on my unit which, by the way is a 39003 version, is ripped to a dvd5 disk or even 2 dvd5 disks