Gran Turismo 4 backed up on HD

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot but I figured more people would see it here.

This is from and only works for the DMS4Pro but with this being done I am pretty sure everything else will soon fall into place

Thanks to TeamToxic but I will have to wait for the next fix just thought that I would pass this great news along

Update: The readme files for Toxic BiOS 1.3 (, 773 KB) and Toxic OS 0.3 (, 1.89 MB) are now available, and NOW the binaries are available as well on IRC EFnet #PS2Ownz!

We are only hours away from the next BIG TOXiC release (on IRC EFnet #PS2Ownz), but until that time we have received confirmation ahead of the updated features that TOXiC OS v0.3 will contain, many of which are currently unavailable from any other mod-chip beyond the DMS4 Pro product range! Without further ado, here they are:

[li]It is now possible to launch your PS2/PSX games and DVD movies off disc[/li] directly from within ToxicOS, bringing ToxicOS one step closer to being a
full OS replacement for the standard PS2 browser.
[li]DVD-9 games such as Gran Turismo 4 are now playable from the HDD.[/li][li]48-bit LBA support added, while keeping support for 28-bit applications[/li] on the same HDD (such as the Sony browser upgrade).
[li]Many compatibility fixes for playing games from the HDD have been included.[/li][li]Support has been added for DVD+R dual layer media, making DMS4 the worlds[/li] first modchip to support dual layer backups.
[li]Support for the V12 IDE HDD hack for those daring enough to attempt it [/li][li]Configuration screen added to ToxicOS where both modchip and OS settings[/li] can be manipulated. This has made the standard Toxic config menu obsolete.
[li]Games installed via ToxicOS now show an icon in the updated PS2 browser.[/li][li]Fixed Devolution mode with unlicensed memory cards (MM16 etc).[/li][li]Many other miscellaneous changes and fixes. [/li][/ul] Below are the changes and updates to TOXiC BiOS v1.3 as well:

[li]Added support for DVD+R dual layer media, making DMS4 the worlds first[/li] modchip to support dual layer backups.
[li]Fixed devolution mode with MM16 cards[/li][li]Fixed booting PSX games which do not have SYSTEM.CNF [/li][/ul]

Great work rfjr23 many thanks for the info