Gran Torino and Sub-titles

I ripped Gran Torino to an ISO so I could play it via MediaPortal. When I watch the movie from the original DVD, I get subtitles, but just when the foreigners say something. (This is the way I want it to work.)

When I watch it from the ISO, the sub-titles are either on for everything or off for everything. How should I rip it if I want just the movie, but with sub-titles the way I get them from the dvd?

The subtitles in Gran Torino (R1) are not forced, they are made to play by being default choices in the disc menu system. If the backup you made included the menus and the player read them, the subtitles should have been displayed. If you used Main Movie mode or Customize/Remove Menus, they won’t. You need to set up the subpicture streams using the default arrow (see below, from Gran Torino). This will tell the player to display them by default. Not all non-English dialogue in this movie has a translation sub (there are 27 to be exact). You can read about the default arrow in the Tutorial.

This would probably also be true foir similar movies, like [I]Defiance[/I], [I]Valkyrie[/I], and [I]30 Days of Night[/I] as well, right?

There is no hard and fast rule. Each one is different. The International, for instance, has forced subs for translations. Apocalypto used the menu default method. DaVinci Code, forced, but from within the main subpic stream (so you only had to select that one stream). A major annoyance. I can’t remember about Valkyrie and don’t have the other two. I thought Valkyrie had the translations optically or digitally printed into the video but I may be thinking about something else.