Grain in the dye of MKM003's?

I’ve noticed a grain, similar to the kind that one would find in cut wood, in the dye of my MKM003’s (Verbatim 10X DVD+R DL’s). They work wonderfully, but I’m worried about the longevity. I’ve had the misfortune of using RITEKD01’s (Memorex 2.4x DVD+R DL’s) in the past, and they did not have such a dye grain. Is this merely a meaningless characteristic of Mitsubishi media, or did I get a bad batch?

Well one way is to try some quality tests and TRT tests to see if the media is fully readable. If its a movie, watch it on your player and see if anything strange happens.

The films play perfectly. Like I said, they do work wonderfully. I’m just wondering if this grain is normal and, if it’s not, if anyone has encountered problems with it, such as unexpected future readability issues, etc.

I’ve seen this on cd-rs before and it doesn’t seem to interfere with playing/reading, but then again I haven’t really tested the longevity of the disks

Can you possibly take any pics?

I think i know what your talking about, kinda looks like the groth rings on wood. I think it might be where the layers are pressed to gether, then again it might not be. I have seen this on the x2.4 discs. Mainly on the latest lot i bought, they play fine but the dont burn anywere as good as past discs i have bought.

I’ve seen this effect on the underside of some commercial DVDs I own. I haven’t had any readability problems with these discs. :disagree:

Like you said, it’s probably just a mark to identify where one layer ends and the next layer begins.

EDIT: I have a 5 pack of blank MKM 003’s lying around somewhere. I’ll check them and see whether they have that grain effect thing on them as described in the first post and post back the results here.

@adre - Does the grain effect come [I]after[/I] burning or is it already there while the disc is blank? :confused:

I don’t think you’ve specified this yet. :disagree:

My Playo DL discs have this appearance as well if you view them at just the right light, I noticed it when I first bought them but I think that it’s the least of one’s worries when getting workable results with these. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s present before and after burning, so it’s not my burner causing it.

I’ve managed to have a look at my blank MKM 003’s and I have noticed the grain effect that you mentioned in your first post.

It was there on every disc. Specifically, I could notice it towards the middle and outer edge of the underside of the disc.

I don’t think that it’s anything to really worry about because like I said in my original post, I have original commercial Region 2 DVDs that have this same effect on the underside of the disc. And these discs have been working fine for years.