Graduating to a DVD burner & need advice on burning audio DVDs [not DVD-Audio!]

In the immortal words of Mr J Tribiani…Ok, here’s the thing.
PC has a new Pioneer 610D DVD writer which can, according to the spec handle pretty much anything (I am currently using packard Bell DVD+RW discs] I have Nero 6 Ultra. My main DVD machine is a pioneer 717.
I have sucessfully converted MP3s to CDA and burned them and they play nicely on the 717 and not a coaster in sight.
I now wish to put an Audio book that would take up 20 CDs on to DVD. (I figure that at 700MB/CD I can fit 6CDs on one DVD, so 3 or 4 DVDs worth).
My question are these:

  1. Can it be done?
  2. Can it be done in Nero (I suspect the answer to be No, as I can only get Nero to do WMA files and they don’t play on my 717)
  3. If the answer to 2 is No, then can someone suggest an alternative piece of Software that is downloadable and reasonably cheap.
  4. Am I hoping for too much from current technology and should I stick to filling my shelves with Audio CDs instead.

All answers gratefully accepted by this EX-CD-NOOB-but-definitely-DVD-Noob

Hello there Mr. French,

Technically, it should be perfectly possible. It is however so, that there’s no official type of DVD that’s filled with regular audio tracks. The only thing you can try to do is burn all the audio you want to a DVD (for compatibility issues, you better use HQ MP3s than PCM WAV files; MP3 files on 320kbit shouldn’t sound any different than any HQ audio disc) and see if you DVD players accepts it as an audio disc.
Most DVD players only read music from CD media, not from DVD media. However, try to burn them to a DVDRW disc and see what happens (I presume your DVD player can handle DVDRW discs, otherwhise use a regular DVDR)…