Gradius v1.14 firmware

How is Gradius v1.14 firmware? Was thinking of updating my firmware for pioneer 108, from v1.10 to v1.14. Don’t know which is better right now, Gradius or Nil. I know Nil still has problem with +r media and was wondering if Gradius has any known bugs in his firmware.

Hope someone will be able to answer this. Thanks.

i’m using it now, its perfect. the only thing u lose w/ gradius is unlocked speeds

>Nil: released another beta 2 days ago and this one is much better with DVD+R media

Where is this 2nb beta 1.14 please.

I dont seem to see them on his poineer page, i got the nil 1.14 but not this beta 2 build you said came out 2 days ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Click Here for >Nils: 1.14 Beta 4 :cool:

I’m using the Gradius code - unlocked burn speeds are of no interest to me.

yeah i’m using gradius 1.14 also. burn quality is important to me.

link to this Gradius v1.14 firmware. im still using the oem 1.14