Gracias OLLI por un producto tan excelente

he estado utilizando el clone dvd por un tiempo y me parece excelente,
“ojala hubiese un metodo mas sencillo para pagar el valor del software”
puesto que vivo en medellin, colombia y parece no haber forma de pagarlo desde aca.
pienso que un programa que me ha generado tantos beneficios merece ser retribuido.
asi pues…
why don´t you design someway to allow payments from countries like this one?.
this good software deserves to be paid.
thanks again…
“todo un planeta lo esta disfrutando” :bow:

Although i do get the general feeling of your post, making it in english (all of it) would be much appreciated - afterall it is an international forum :wink:

ok my english is not good enough but i’m gonna try.
I’ve been using clone dvd for a while and i think is a piece of art.
I wish there would be an easy way to pay the software, because i live in medellin, colombia and there are not many options for us in here to do such payments.
I have had many compensations because of the software and I’m grateful for it.
in a country like ours many people subsist because of you and your people.
even in the most far places of the world there are people enjoying your program.
keep thinking and thanks

Thank you santiago velez, your english is just fine :wink:
I am sure the Elby people will be happy to read it.