Gracenote with two new music patents

I just posted the article Gracenote with two new music patents….

Gracenote announced they have been granted 2 more patents in the US. This to strengthen their position and technology in the online music-information market.

The patents cover locating…

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goddam gracenote. they take free information from the people (the album info), they let people use it for free (the time when they were called cddb). now, a name change, ownership change (i think?), and suddenly they want to “charge” for this free information. jeez. sucks really bad. someone should start out a better cddb all over again. shutdown gracenote for good. and hey, aren’t they also infringing on some copyright law or something? coz they have information on cd’s (the song list, artists, minutes, etc) on their site, which helps out piracy (napster helped out piracy, they say) by letting those who borrow cd’s from other people easily get the cd information without having to type anything. which allows people to rip the audio to mp3s, and thats it, no hard work at all. maybe the riaa will think something up and sue them. they sued before for holding lyrics. they should be able to sue gracenote for holding song information. haha. let them all fight a losing war.