Grabster problems

My OS is Vista Home Premium (32-bit)

I just cannot get my Grabster AV 150 to install. Connecting the Grabster to the USB port initiates Vista’s Hardware Installation Wizard. After searching the CD, it reports “cannot find driver software”. I try driver installation from the CD menu. The progress bar indicates a normal installation, except there is no “success” message and no files have been copied to my hard drive. Device manager confirms that no drivers have been installed.

Hope someone can help.


Did you use the latest vista driver?

Sorry about the delay.

The file you suggested unzips several files. I tried to install the inf file via the install option in the context menu, but I am told this method is not supported. I pointed update driver in device manager at the folder in question but I am told “cannot find driver software”. Another Windows message:

Compatibility issue between Cameo Grabster 200 and Windows Vista

This problem was caused by a compatibility issue between Windows Vista and Cameo Grabster 200.

TerraTec Electronic GmbH, the company that manufactured Cameo Grabster 200, has informed Microsoft that they do not expect to offer updates to fix this problem.

Reviewers of this product, and someone I know, installed on Vista without problems.

Other solution found.

Thanks for your contribution.

Hi,[quote=peeledback;2018338]Other solution found.

Thanks for your contribution.[/quote]Could you tell us, how you fixed the problem? This would help other users in case they have the same problem.