Graboid to dvd



hi im new to the hole graboid and dvd burning thing. so my question is once i have the movie downloaded it playes fine. now i want to burs it to a dvd i have dvdcloner6 do i need to covert the file or something? and what should i use? please be simple remembr im new to all this.


Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy your visit.

You should be aware that the rules of the forum don’t allow us to help with illegal downloads of copyright protected material. Nothing in your post indicates specifically that your movie download is illegal so it can remain.

I removed your email address to keep you from getting a flood of spam. That can and probably will happen to any email address left out in the open.

As far as converting video files, it depends both on the material you are starting with and where you want to play them. Some dvd players can play both divx/xvid encoded video and regular dvd-video. If you just want to watch on your computer, VLC video player can handle most formats.

Let us know the format of the video and what you want as output and we can recommend some conversion programs. Many of them are free to use.