Gr8 kprobe scan, crc error at 99% on ricoh

Hey guys, this is my situation:
I burned some movies on some ricoh media in my special 811 at 4xand bitset to rom. My kprobe scan starts at 40, stays under 60 to about half the disc, then increases gently to about 250. POs didn’t pass 5, and all that is read at 4x with 8ECC. So according to kprobe, great disc. Read it back in my 811, no probs whatsoever. I tried to rip that burnt disc back to my hard drive from my laptops built in toshiba combo drive just because it rips quicker (at -rom speeds instead of +r speeds in the 811). I fired up dvd decryptor and all was going super. at 99%, I got a CRC error and got the options to abort, retry or ignore. I retried the disc in the 811, no probs. I tried the disc in my V9 PS2, but that plays ANYTHING I throw at it without freezes unless the POs go above 2000. I think the error section is by the extras, not the main movie as well.
what do u think my problem is? do u think its just my rom drive? it rips pressed discs perfectly. This is REALLY a problem if my burned discs will only be copied correctly by my burner. Please, all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

My bet would be on the toshiba as Toshiba is a bit picky with less than perfect discs.

Or maybe the disc had a tiny scratch before you wrote to it? Creating a small spot where some drives may have problems.

Thanks a lot for the calming info OC-Freak. I may have access to an old samsung 12x rom drive, are samsungs known to be picky as well? I intend to get a lite on rom drive at some point, just not in my budget right this minute, will I be free from such problems with it?

Samsungs are known to be VERY picky. AFAIK, they only read DVD+R with booktype DVD-Rom.

thanks for the info easy going man. I guess its just my dumb luck that the rom drive I have, and the one I have access to are picky :frowning: . Guess I’m gonna have to upgrade my rom sooner than expected.

I can highly recommend Toshiba DVD-Roms because hacked firmware versions are available. So you can read DVD- and DVD+ with full speed. If the quality of the recorded DVD is bad, you can manually reduce the reading speed with CD-Bremse.

IMHO, these drives are the best DVD-Roms available. The hacked firmware for SD-M 1802 is available at - on the Dangerous Brothers’ site.

Note that if you want to read Safedisc2 protected CD-Roms you should go for the SD-M 1712 since it reads out this copy protection much faster than 1812.

I’ve a SD-M1502 and a SD-M1612 - the SD-M1612 is great at reading perfect discs (near 16x speed with the hacked firmware), but with less than perfect discs it slows down much, with below average discs it often fails.

This may be just me but Lite-On drives have been good at reading less than perfect discs - but they do slow down easy but is ok at speed on most discs (8x max for DVDR/RW media).

JLMS XJ-HD166S is a bit better than the XJ-HD165H.