GR8 DVD-R = TYG02 Taiyo Yuden?


I bought GR8 DVD-R and the seller told me the disks are TYG02 Taiyo Yuden


this is the website

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There’s another thread on these discs in here somewhere, and I believe the general opinion was “fake”.

To be sure, take a look at the code around the hub of the disc (kinda hard to see unless you hold the disc to the light in a certain way) - there should be a code starting with GG.

If that code’s not there, then I’m afraid the discs are not genuine. :frowning:

Thanks Arachne

im sad :sad: …way :confused: …there’s no code :a

i must back to the seller :a

thanks agine Arachne :clap:

id send them back to seller he sold u something under fale pretense hence its illegal in most countrys :slight_smile:


any one knwo online shops shipping Taiyo Yuden discs to middle east :bigsmile:

[B]popopopo[/B]: Which country exactly? :slight_smile:



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You might try to find Plextor branded media, Panasonic DVD-R media that is Made in Japan or Verbatim media that is Made in Japan if you want to shop B&M, but then again these only have 16x DVD+/-R and CD-R…
Or you could order from overseas which will be very expensive though.

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Have you considered the alternative of just getting some Verbatim media instead?

These days I think Verbatim 16x media is just as good if not better than Taiyo Yuden 16x media and it’s usually much easier to find.

Just a suggestion.

A suggestion I wholeheartedly agree with :iagree:

I’d recommend MCC004 (16x Verbatim +R) :smiley:

i must have had a bad batch of mcc004 then but still nice media :smiley: love my tys though :smiley:

Arachne I love yours too :slight_smile: :clap:

kg_evilboy i am gona search for Panasonic… :clap:

Thanks DrageMester and Arachne for the suggestion, :clap: unfortunately its not available here in UAE. :a

you guys very helpful :flower:

Thanks :flower:

Yeah, the Panasonics (-R) are good :iagree:

Doh, no Verbatim? Ouch! :sad:

:iagree: :iagree: -r panasonics are nice disks

reading the mcc004 @ 16x caused it to have quality of 0 :frowning:

Whoa, look at the 16x scan :clap:

What does the MCC 004 @ 16x look like?

Well, you have a really nice TYG03 burn. :bigsmile:

Sadly MIJ Panasonics are vanishing and more and more MII Panasonics show up. :frowning:

Yeah, I should at least get another 25 spindle despite the price before they disappear. I’ve used quite a few of my current one :doh: