GQ -R 8x media code TYG02



Well I found out why you can get them at Fry’s for $0.05 ea in a 50 pack. In my 716A (TLA#0203 FW 1.06), you have to burn at 6x or slower.
Even with Power Rec on (PTP 2.21). If you try to burn an ISO using DVDD at MAX speed, the 716A goes up to 14x, and is not playable in my JVC.
Even after burning at 8x, the discs are not recognizable by the Plex (says there are blank

Anyone have similar experiences? Any other burning suggestions?

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Normally TYG02 is excellent media and can be burned @16x with no problems and very low PIF’s like here:
however I have come accross a not so great batch latley, but they are still playable. I have seen a thread floating around the forum about fake TY media and don’t know what brand GQ-R is but as far as I know real TYG02 media has a GG000xx serial # on the inner part of the disc.


Sorry to say that your TYG02 media by GQ is most likely FAKE. Check this thread out (second post by Wesociety) and let us know.


Thx. zevia couldn’t find that thread, looked for it though. :wink:


Ok I checked out the link zevia posted above and this just totally pisses me off!!! Why do we as the consumer have to put up with this. It should be law World Wide that the MID be displayed on the outside of the package in huge ledgeable print. I for one got taken when I thought I was buying TYG02 Fuji 8x DVD-R but instead I got a surprise when I did MID check and found out it was ProdiscF01. :a This media is a far cry from the quality of TYG02 but I missed the fine print “Made in Taiwan”. Now I have 25 disc that are good for Nero cds tests and that’s about it. (silly me!!) I for one have had enough of playing I wonder what media I just bought!! Some people may like the surprise I know I don’t. Venting finished. :slight_smile: excuse the spelling.


I for one got taken when I thought I was buying TYG02 Fuji 8x DVD-R but instead I got a surprise when I did MID check and found out it was ProdiscF01.
Happened to me once. The Plextor drives b0rked with this crap media, Pioneer drives could use it.

BTW, this is genuine Taiyo Yuden media.


Thx alexnoe Just looked at your link and picked up some TYG02 that looks identical to the picture in the link, made the guy open the cake box so I could look for the GG000xx#. Probably thought I was nuts, but it’s the real thing.They don’t have any TYG03 yet where I live but by your scans it looks like great stuff. Also noticed in your link the warning that there are vendors selling fake TY media. :slight_smile:


One of the German computer magazines dealt with this issue. No, don’t ask me which one it was because I discard them quickly. Anyway, according to the article there is a variety of fakes on the market, including TY’s. If I’m not mistaken, they mentioned TDK and Sony, but I might be wrong here.


Princo used to use TDK 2x -R codes, and that magazine most likely was the C’T. Non of the others could even spell “fake” correctly

BTW that page says that they ship to all european countries, but it doesn’t say they only ship to european countries…


My GQ -R 8x media (TYG02) has the following on the inner most ring by the hub: F4D04033664.

I’m not so sure they are fake (as in counterfit), but, rather, discs that did not meet certain quality standards. TY then sold them for 1/10 the cost to a wholesaler, who in turn, packaged them for various vendors like Fry’s under their ‘GQ’ label. In any event, depending on the burner, the results could vary anywhere from ‘acceptable’ to disaster, even at 8x.

I learned my lesson.

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No, it wasn’t, I would have remembered that :-). Although you’re basically right :-D.


@alexnoe. Have a question for you as I know you have the real TYG03. TYG02 has a GG000xx serial # and YUDEN000 T02 has TG00xxx#. Could you tell us what the first letters are on the TYG03. Just want to make sure I get the real stuff. Thx in advance. :slight_smile: