GQ media vs my new TYG03 media

Ok someone explain to me why my cheapo GQ media burnt at 4x does better than my TYG03 media from shop4tech (inkjet printable) at the same 4x speed.


A) 16x media often burns poorly at slow speeds, so I would try burning the TYG03 at 8-12x. At least in the case of the Sony/GQ media you burned it at only one speed slower than its rated speed. You may easily get as good or better results at 8x though.

B) TYG03 can vary in quality, and also it doesn’t burn that well in some burners.

C) Considering you only burned about half the GQ disc, it’s hard to compare the results. And for that matter, the quality between the two discs isn’t greatly different for most of that first 2GB (except right near the 2GB mark on the TYG03). Also, even though the GQ discs are cheap, I think that they may actually be using real Sony08D1 media (made by LeadData perhaps? - it’s been discussed before but I am not very familiar with the GQ discs).

D) depending on the firmware version on your NEC 2510, there may not even be a write strategy for TYG03 or a poor one, which could cause poor burns. Having proper firmware support can often mean the difference between great burns and horrible ones, even with good media.

Also, scanning with a NEC should be taken with a grain of salt, not that I’m discounting the scans. They also are odd as to what their ‘best’ scan speeds are, sometimes it’s 5x, sometimes 8x, sometimes 12x.

And in the future, you can click on the small floppy disc icon and save as a PNG file, the quality is better and the file will be smaller as well.

my tyg03 was burnt at 6x again and it looked a tiny bit worst .

Are these numbers any good though? im not anal about perfect media. I use verbatim for mroe important things.

Whats considered acceptable numbers?

had same problem with TYG0. it was the (old) burner. i replaced old philly with BenQ 1655 and this is one of the first results (i’m making more test at 4x and 8x to choose best speed…)new burners with “solid burn” do very well with these media (my tyg03 have Verbatim label indeed).

ps. thanks to the folks of this forum… what i’ve learned is by your help!

I would think the 3550 has better support for TYG03 than the 2510. TYG03 is badly supported by older drives, if at all.

I dont get how does burning a dvd lower than its rated speed be worse than burning it at a faster speed. I thought if you burn it at a lower speed, it performs more reliably. I mean whenever i burn a dvd at 8x there some sorta error or skipping. But if i burn at 4 or 6x the dvd is perfectly fine.

If that’s the case, something’s seriously wrong (or at least fishy) with your burner/disc combo.
The thing is, new discs and drives are not optimized for slower burning speed. Burning 16x media @ 1x or 2x in standalones may give better results than burning 16x media @ 2x on a normal DVD burner. It’s the optimization.