GQ (Great Quality) (Sony MID) Quality Variance

What: GQ (Great Quality) 100pk DVD+R 16x
UPC: 690848105526

has any one else experienced quality variance with these, or any other GQ branded discs?

the first half of this stack was great, burned and scanned just like SONYD21 media should (top notch stuff,) but about mid-way through the stack, every few discs has a few pits in the dye which cause failed burns, or extremely bad scans if it is somehow successful…

IIRC, these discs are discs that may have failed Sony Quality Control, so I would personally believe that they will always vary under the GQ brand :frowning:

GQ should be renamed SQ.

Kev is most likely right, it’s failed quality control and sony sold them off to these losers instead of throwing them in the bin.

Only buy them if they are AT LEAST three times cheaper than regular sony since you may have a 50% or less rate of success.

GQ is owned by LeadData IIRC who manufactures discs for Sony (Other manufacturers IIRC are Daxon, Sony’s own plants in Japan and Austria), so I don’t think Sony sell them to them :confused:

Righty well I was just assuming :stuck_out_tongue:

No harm done. Btw how on earth do you find out all this info lol?

Don’t worry, I meant no harm :flower:

All that stuff I learnt right here on this forum :bigsmile:

And MBI :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Quality (GQ) disks, normally sold at Fry’s Electronics in the states, are made in Taiwan by second-tier Sony manufacturer Lead Data. They are similar to, but less consistent in quality than the standard Sony-brand disks made in Taiwan by Daxon. They are most definitely not rejects, but rather, Lead Data’s quality control process for GQ media is less stringent than the one disks intended for the Sony brand go through. If you want the best Sony media, then buy MIJ or MIT Sony branded disks. Also, stay away from those that are Made in Malaysia, India, or Austria, as the quality of those is considered to be less than stellar.

Is that a joke? I can’t believe that THE cd pirate is asking such a question. Sony media origination has been dissected right here on cdfreaks numerous times.


And you might want to go with the jewel cases for guaranteed overspeeding + consistency, from personal experience. But with the right spindle of Sony branded MIT or MIJ, SONYD21 will happily overspeed at 18x & provide a very nice consistency.