GQ (Great Quality) Media

OK, Fry’s is selling GQ media. I once bought a 5 pack of DVD+R and it was SONY MIDs.

Anyone else have any info on this media? Its usually very cheap.

Plus none of their packaging has information on country of Origin. There are no Made in … labels.

Isn’t there a federal law that states that everything sold supposed to have this information?

If you’re talking about the US, then yes there is a law - elsewhere it may be different. IIRC they’re genuine Sony, as the GQ brand is LeadData, and they mase Sony DVD’s for Sony in Taiwan IIRC.

so if these are genuine sony disc, how can i detect which are sony? because not every pack is sony.

Somebody else can probably help you - we dont get GQ media here in the UK :slight_smile: