GQ (great quality) DVDR

I have these DVDrs brand GQ(greatQuality). Now this media is known to be really really bad. They are usually made from CMCmag, Must, etc. Its the Frys electronics store brand. anyhow I had a 50pk of the
DVD-R and I ran DVD identifier on them and they coded out as:
** INFO : Disc = [DVD-R:MCC 02RG20 ]
now I know that MCC is really good media but I had really bad problems with them. about half of them were coasters. to give you an idea how bad they were. I have better luck with Memorex CMCmags.
Now a friend gave me another 50pk of them and these coded out as :
** INFO : Disc = [DVD-R:TYG02].
That is Taiyo Yuden 1st class media. I have a funny feeling that these are not the real deal. You can get a 50pk of those GQ’s for about $8-10. I know that there is something fishy about this could it be that these discs are supposedly Fake discs or could my identifier programs lying to me (DVD Identifier, Nero). how can i tell if they are fake? If anyone has similar problems please post a reply. sorry about typing so much but it was a long story. Thanks to all that reply

Look on the recording side in the area around the hub ring. If it is real TY, you should see a serial number of the form GGxxxxxx.

I doubt it is real TY though, and I doubt the other ones were real Verbatim either.

First of all, CMC is not ‘really really bad’ media as you suggest, and GQ has NEVER used CMC that I’m aware of, I’ve never heard of anyone getting CMC with GQ discs. CMC is actually good media on burners that have decent firmware support.

Second of all, the ‘MCC’ coded discs are fakes, likely made by Infosmart.

Third, of course the TY discs are fakes as well, and they are actually probably the EXACT same discs, dye and all, as the fake MCC discs you have, just a different faked media code.

Yup, faked media for sure on these ones. Those dirty bastards at infosmart have no shame. :mad:

I got 50 pk fake MCC 003 GQ label from Fry’s that I bought four months ago. I haven’t been able to burn a single successful disc from it. Given that I paid $10 for it, I guess it’s not a big loss.

They burn just fine for me. :slight_smile:

But that refelcts not much about their quality (or burn quality => scan).