GQ double layer and dual layer media at Fry's Electronics

Has anyone purchased GQ double layer or dual layer media at Fry’s Electronics /
I’m really curious to find out the MID’s.

GQ has generally been crap quality discs, so I won’t waste my money on finding out.

Well said.

Probably one forum user will buy them anyway and waste money - then we will know what they are… :wink:

Happy Christmas!

Fry’s idea of great quality isn’t limited to their optical disks.

people, frys gq brand is just rebagded stuff, a lot of brands now a days arnt made by the brand, remeber that (was reffering to the other gq stuff then there disks

Of course, but they usually choose from many different horrible things to rebadge.

I may be your guinea pig (if the price isn’t too high).

Sorry, no guinea pig here–price too high to consider buying.

I bought some of their single layers discs on sale last weekend for $4.25 for a spindle of 25. The 8x DVD+R id’ed as “SONYD11” and the 8x DVD-R id’ed as “MCC02RG20”. I didn’t touch the DL though.

GQ is probably all fake media. GQ has been fakes for many months now.

They’ve used Optodisc and Prodisc I think, but the rest of it from what I’ve heard is either cheap chinese media or faked media (probably in reality the same media as the Chinese media with fake media codes, nothing more). The ‘Sony’ and ‘MCC’ is fake I’m sure, if you can somehow manage to get the Optodisc or Prodisc you’ll at least get average media.

It would be interesting to know what they are using for DL media, I would assume it is Ritek as there isn’t that much DL media out there and Ritek is the cheapest of them (that I’m aware of).

Here’s a scan of a GQ with fake MCC 003 MID I bought several months back. I couldn’t get a single disc to burn in any of my burners :a

ouch!!! that’s one nasty scan!!!

So their DLs could be even worse…

I’m actually pretty sure that the SONY coded GQ stuff is not fake. AFAIK it’s made by Lead Data that has/had a contract with Sony to produce their media.

Could’nt even find media codes on VCDHELP! Last time I looked it was $26 for a 25 pck…

Their single layer discs are crap, there’s about 10% failure rate in my experience. So for a 50 disc pack, you’re really only getting 45 useable discs. :frowning:

What burner are you using?

Emprex Dual Layer burner.

I bought a pack of these GQ DL discs ( but so far haven’t had any luck getting my Toshiba drive recognizing the discs at all. Roxio and Nero want no part in handling these discs. I haven’t spent a lot of time on it yet, but the fact that I can’t immediately pop a disc in and burn something to it is a bad sign. It’s looking like a waste of $26, but I knew it was a gamble going into it.

What’s the mid code. (IF possible the output of DVD identifier )

That way we might now if there is a drive that might support it and we might know who made this media.