GPU3 client out!

Well, sort of, its in public beta now :slight_smile:

this allows GTX 4xx series to fold now :clap:
it is also supposed to increase speed and accuracy of the calculations, its nvidia only at this time, but they are working on getting the ati side working as well. supposedly the ATI GPU3 will bring ppd on par with nvidia :cool:

right now there are some bugs with 8 and 9 series gpus they are working on fixing, but probably this friday I’ll be installing gpu3 on my gtx260 and reporting the results in this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks jwill427 I may install tomorrow on my gtx260 here at work and give it a spin.

hmm, I looked into it some more and I think I may just stay with gpu2 for now… there are currently 2 units that use the new core 15 and while gtx 480s are getting 14-15k ppd on them, older cards are losing ~30% on them vs gpu2 units :frowning: there is a guy on the folding forums with a gtx 275 getting 6.5k ppd on gpu3 vs 9.3k with gpu2

I’m definitely looking forward to the ati numbers since the current gen ati cards use less power than Nv and are generally have better gaming performance for the $$$ than Nv

I figure I can sacrifice a few ppd for beta testing :iagree: , who knows how much it might help later :smiley: ( even for ppd ) :bigsmile:

After letting my GPU2 finish , uninstalling FAH ( so I could get a clean install ) and cleaning my system up.

Loaded the GPU3 on:
Win 7 Ult 64 bit
Quad core Q9550 2.83GHz
4GB Ram running a

looks like I will be getting 6200 ppd.

Took a while to get that first one loaded ( 8 attempts before d/l core 15 )
I slowed the process down by watching it to much I think ( ws showing only 4800 ppd at first ), it’s running a bit faster now.

Will see what happens the next couple hours.
Will turn WCG back on later and see what that does also before I leave work.

First WU finished 3Hrs 10 Min 610 points

2 nd one started and according to Fahmon will take 2 1/2 hrs at 610 points

Just a little looking around can really slow this thing down,using console mode, maybe I should have stayed with systray?

I read some where having problems with it and so I decided to go with the console mode for now.

Well it ran allnight with 3 task of WCG running also.

Taking anywhere between 2 Hrs and 15 Min to 2 Hrs 30 Min to run a Core 15 job.
It did throw in 2 Core 11 jobs during the night.
Read they are running low on jobs during Beta, lot of testers trying it out and not enough Doc’s to check the results.

I am losing 1,000 to 1,500 points a day, but I figure everyones computer specs is different so my results may help them fine tune the beta.

It was designed for the bigger boys with the 400’s but my little 260 should help a little.

nice! thanks for the updates bean :iagree: