GPS Manufacturer With Free Map Software Updates


I currently have a Garmin C340 and I was just hit up for a $69 North American map update (same as last year).

Does any one have or know of a GPS that offers free map updates - AND does the street name and/or route number by voice like my Garmin does-eh??

Any help, suggestions or insight would be appreciated- :iagree:


I was interested in updating the maps in my $200 Magellan (purchased in DEC07 on sale for $149) until I found out that the out of date map that got me in trouble was only a month old when I bought and used the unit and in the 15months since the prices
have fallen…

My unit talks, but it got annoying driving across country with it’s constant nagging “Remain on the same road in x.x miles” all the way acoss Ohio, Indiana & Illinois. Halfway across Iowa I turned the voice off and never turned it back on, often in urban settings it took so long to give the verbal instruction that whatever it was going
to say is useless anyway.

Magellan’s update for a very similar earlier unit is $79
on a DVD.

These units now sell for $125-ish

I’d recommend using it until the out of date map gets annoyingly out of date then just buy another unit.

The internal Li-Ion battery inside most units won’t live forever
It’s not only “cycles” but service time, and is NOT user replaceable anyway.

Even the passage of less than a year and a half allows me to
buy a better unit for 25% less money than the original unit was without even hunting for a sale.