Gp3 season 2000 copy

I’m trying to make a copy of the Grand Prix 3 Season 2000 game. It is protected with Safedisk v2, but I don’t know what version. Because my writer is a Ricoh MP-7060 I cannot copy SD2 games directely, but I have to use AWS (right?) I tried copying it with the fast error skip enabled and then writing the image with AWS enabled, but this doesn’t work.

What should be the settings for CloneCD?

try these settings
speed 4X
FES on
FES settings
Error corection software
read retries 3
everything else off

Speed MAX
AWS on
don’t close… on
everything else off

Also take a look at the log file while creating the image… Errors should only be in the first 500~10.500 sectors. After this area you shouldn’t get more… Also note that the AWS function doesn’t work with every writer. For a list of supported writers check