Gozilla isn't able to download from Geosities?



I’m a fanatic downloader of mp3’s Movies gamez etc. And many files are at geosities servers.
The program I use is Gozilla, but this isn’t capable to dowload from Geosities, It gives an 403 error: forbidden.
How to fix this?
Or are there other download managers who don’t have the same problem?



Ya right, Godzilla isn’t but GetRight does have an function to download on Geocities without 403 Errors…

SO get Getright an give it a try!!!


Sometimes even Getright don’t work, so i use download accelerator.

TheScape http://scapewarez.cjb.net


Sure Gozilla can download from geocities. The problem is that you don’t use the proper proxy!! I use proxy.bart.nl with port 8080 and it works just fine all the time, even with resume!!

another possible proxy is proxy2.bart.nl, also at port 8080!!


Don’t I need a Password for the proxy?


Gozilla now isn’t able to connect to proxy.bart.nl or proxy2.bart.nl


Pretty strange…

you don’t need a password… maybe your provider doens’t want to connect to that proxy…

i got another idea… go to http://tiefightermp3.cjb.net and there’s some kind of help… somewhere in the help there is a proxy, try that one, it works pretty good! I forgot the adress so… you gotta look it up for yourself!