GoVideo R6750 LiteOn Clone Firmware Info

I just acquired a GoVideo R6750 recorder. It is most definitely a LiteOn clone. The question is then, which one? It supports +R/RW, VCD and SVCD (DDW-813S drive). It does not support LP mode. The region hack works fine. The stock firmware is GOEA1091.C00. The unit displays no serial number in the setup screens, leaving me quite unable to determine which LiteOn firmware might work. I have tried the LVW-5005 LNHA1092.ESU patched firmware. The unit rejected it. I renamed it to GOEA1092.ESU. The unit still rejected it.

I would absolutely love to update this with the MV and LP patches, but as yet, GoVideo has not released firmware.

Can the firmware in the unit be dumped somehow (not the drive firmware)? Can the unit be cross-flashed, and, if so, with the firmware from what LiteOn unit?

Any advice is most appreciated, and any assistance and additional info I can provide about this unit I will be happy to do!