Governor Schwarzenegger says asta la vista P2P on state computers



I just posted the article Governor Schwarzenegger says asta la vista P2P on state computers.

In a new executive order, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says “certain peer-to-peer file-sharing software on state computers presents a significant security risk” and such programs…

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Yep, downloading via P2P is one thing, doing it while you’re working in your office a whole other story. Plus, cable/DSL is so cheap I don’t see why ppl won’t spend those $ 15 - 20 for their own flat. :S


Must be nice where you live. Try $50-60 dollars a month in the southern U.S. for DSL.


Why do messages get cut off? That previous message should have read 50 to 60 dollars a month.


Can’t believe this wasn’t standard policy from day one. Who’s running there IT there? Someone from KaZaA or something?


Go back to Austria Arnie :frowning:


@Gators: why… are you living there where Arnie is governor? if so… then I don’t understand you… I think it is normal that P2P is forbidden at work… so also at government offices… and I think this is good so… Or in Austria and want him back?


“certain peer-to-peer file-sharing software on state computers presents a significant security risk” and such programs “consume network resources, which may reduce the performance of state computer systems.” He’s 110% right on this one. I work in IT Security and there is absolutely no place for P2P software on corporate computers.


I totally agree, the only programs that should be on corporate computers should be put there by the corporation. You’d think we would have gotten to the point where all software on the computer should have to be digitally signed by the owner of the computer. But I guess he’s set his aim a little lower after failing to stop skynet.
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Arnie is right about this one. DSL is expensive everywhere I see. Here in Ozzie, it’s 90-130 dollars a month. I can only dream about T1 here (sigh)! Not a fat chance of getting T1 if Telstra still monopolises the telecom industry…:frowning: Off-topic: An African-American friend who came to visit me here last year used to refer to Arnie in our conversations as Arnold “Squash The Nigga”. Methinks, it may be some kind of joke across the Pacific…


T1?? T1 has a maximum speed of 1.5Mbit/s. Thats utterly slow in my opinion


Um… if it’s already illegal, why is he passing an executive order against it? He says “Today California is taking a stand against use of state resources for illegal downloading of this material and standing in support of the work of these talented Californians.” Why does he appear to be equating ALL P2P to illegal P2P?
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I thought his real name was Alby Bach…??..:X


I’m a state employee and I can say that very few of my coworkers use P2P software. Bit Torrent seems to be the software of choice, closely followed by usenet. Cannot speak for other divisions but here in Unemployment Insurance Dept. we have a huge movie library …




IMHO, the state resource issue is legitimate BUT it is also an excuse. Most every employee has to sign a disclaimer regarding resource usage anyway so it is probably already a workplace/contractual violation anyway. Truthfully, in the state where the RIAA and MPAA reside or are very active, I think there are alterior motives…draw your own conclusions.