Gov.arnie says california will be broke in two days

Here in CALIFORNIA . ARNIE is at it again. He has
declared a fiscal emergency , and says state services
will run out of money in two days. I think it’s time to
termiate the terminator.

Yep, now it’s California’s turn to beg for the bailout!

After watching National Geographic Explorer last night @10 P.M. eastern, Legalize pot! It might be the biggest cash crop in the USA right now. It would solve a lot of money problems. Check out the show the next time they air it.

I’m pretty sure legalizing pot in the great state of California would definitely help the state raise some money!

Hmm… but it’s unlikely to happen. Not only will the state lose out on tax revenue, we’re going to have to keep paying to lock up pot smokers.

This is the man who was going to fix the problems in Calif. No one is going to fix there problems until someone fixes the problem all the people coming into Calif. from all over the world.

Liberalism run a muck will always lead to bankruptcy. California is drowning in their own BS. Arnold is no more a conservative than I am Chinese and it is his policies that appease the liberals in that state that is ruining them. Their problems begin with massive illegal immigration and continues with crazy environmental policies. Maybe Arnold needs to get a tutorial from Palin in how to run a state properly and with fiscal responsibility.

UTR Liberalism is a old worn out excuse for all that is bad. I have the word as mucha as I have conservatism. The problem is that no matter who gets elected they do what they and there friends want to make themselve richer. but your right their problems started with massive Illegal immigration and I do not mean from Mexico but from other places around the world and is still the number one problem.
Arnold lied to get elected and does have the guts to do what is needed to fix the problems there. I saw today that Bill Gates said Obama had promised to increase Foreign aid I hope this is one promised he does not keep. Biil Gates can give to foreign countries if he wants to. You can go to the site below and let Obama know what you think on anything and i sent the statement below to him tonight. If he increases foreign aid or lets more people into this country I for one will not vote for him next time.
This is the first time a president has allowed a person to send him emails on what changes we want so do it.

I did not know until I read tonight form a statement from Bill Gates that you had promised to increase Foreign aid. If I had known that, I would not have voted for you. I am tired of us getting money from China so we can give it to other countries. WE CANNOT PAY FOR WHAT WE NEED SO PLEASE CUT FOREIGN AID.

Liberalism isn’t responsible for all that is bad. The problem is that the politicians we elect that claim to be conservatives really aren’t conservative. This is why Republicans like McCain can’t get elected and the Democrats have control of Congress. Liberal policies tilt heavy toward government spending while stifling economic growth. This is the exact thing California is getting hit with that has them in this fiscal mess.

Don’t worry about foreign aid because the day of fiscal reckoning is here and the federal government’s solution of printing more unbacked currency isn’t helping us any. It will ultimately make the problems worse, IMO. The people have no faith in the government’s ability to get us out of this crisis or even if they know how severe the “crisis” may or may not be. The only way out of this is to stimulate economic growth and that is done by lowering taxes across the board. Giving a 3-5 year elimination on capital gains taxes and slashing corporate tax rates and individual income tax rates will do more to solve our current problems than having the government spend money we don’t have on stuff that won’t help.