Gotta repurchase/reburn ALL my DVD-Rs(How to find good Verbatims)

so ive decided that im gonna start reburning everything i have based on my last few threads, i now know that TDK is crap

so I’m gonna go buy some Verbatims. Are there any clues i should look for when hunting for verbatims? i know to look for Made in Taiwan discs, but are there “bad” batches or types of verbatim i should be aware of?

im gonna buy DVD-R (no reason, just been using dvd-rs the whole time… should i switch?)

ive seen Datalife Pro discs, Inkjet printable discs, advanced AZO etc and varying speeds.

any tips?


IMO Verbatim DVD+R is better. :slight_smile:

any difference?

sp u rekon +R is better for verbatim? im backing up data and video

IMO, doesn’t make much difference and MCC02RG20 is the best (it’s 8x -R).

If you’re talking about MCC03RG20 VS MCC004 both 16x discs, I will agree that MCC004 has a slight edge with compatibility in writers.

EDIT: just get MIT verbatim, it should work well regardless of what type it is. I’d be happy if I had to use any verbatim media in general, even the old 4x discs.

alrite ill try to buy some tomorrow and ill post the MID code here for you guys to check for me :wink:

yer i only buy discs from taiwan and japan (DEFINITELY japan if given the choice) and NEVER india.

is + or - better for data or video?

Don’t jump to too many conclusions. In many cases, TDK and
Verbatim are the same discs, made in the same factory by
Taiyo Yuden, CMC, MBI and others.

I have seen a few reports of ‘bad batches’ from Verbatim. Maybe I
have just been lucky, but I have always had good results from
Verbatim media. I have used Verbatim DVD +R and -R made by TY (Japan),
CMC (Taiwan) and MBI (India). All of them have proved to be reliable.

I’ll second both points. :iagree:

@[B]skelton[/B]: the only instances where TDK and Verbatim can be the “same” discs (actually the same [I]MID[/I], which is not the same as the same [I]discs[/I] :wink: ) is when the Verbs are TY-made discs. TDK can be CMC, MBI etc… MIDs (= technology), as you mention, but Verbs are only MCC or TY MIDs. (OK, with the exception of the “pearl white” Verbies, but these are nowhere to be found anymore :confused: )

I concur :iagree:

That had a brief cameo appearance in Kaufhof department stores as 16x MCC media made by MBI.

Are actual Verbatim branded MCC02RG20’s actually still available?

Obviously from my recent disappointing trip down Infiniti lane I know the dye is about but I’ve not seen Verbs, bar archival quality ones.

You may be able to pick some up in shops if they have some older stock on clearance but you can still get the Verbatim Hardcoat discs which are MCC02RG20.

I have one of those (yes, one) :wink:

Yep they sure are I bought several hundred of them recently and you can get all you want of them from right here
inkjet hub printable 94854 Verbs :iagree: :clap: :clap:

I bought some Verb CD’s from them and the pic has MIT and i ended up with MII.

just picked up 250 DVD-R Verbatims

Advanced AZO+
Made in Japan
TYG03 << ----- Taiyo Yuden ftw!!

any good? i saw made in japan and then immediately grabbed everything they had! hahah comes with a really nice spindle as well same locking mechanism as my TY CDR 100 spindle.

ps if they are good (im hoping that they are the best to save my self some hassle) i will go and pick up 200 or so more

I would prefer normal MIT Verbatim over MIJ TY Verbatim discs. But hopefully they work ok. I had some sub par scans with them and they didn’t like burning over 12x in most of my writers.

Compatibility with DVD players was fine though. You might have a batch that scans better than mine. Either way they should be fine.


i ask because i was considering buying a few more since they are on special.

they’ve gotta be better than my TTG02 and TTH02 right? and they should have a higher lastability too right?

TTG02 is pretty nice. I wouldn’t go and say TYG03 is better. Professional scans may well show that TTG02 is just as good if not better.

I would keep the TTG02 - I think they’re very good disks personally going off what I have seen with regard to scans and almost no reports of degradation with them, although I would be far more cautious with TTH02 because of all the issues, such as degradation, that have been reported with them :frowning:

the thing is that i don’t have many TTG02 left, probably around 30.

main thing is whether i should stock up on these TYG03 while they are at a good price at a retail outlet here in sydney (AUS$19.95 for a 50 spindle)

how do the TYG03 compare with the rest of the Taiyo Yudens and Verbatims?