Gotta Love America

“The fast food chain KFC is being sued in the US in a bid to stop it cooking fried chicken in partially hydrogenated oil containing trans fatty acids.”

here’s a great quote

Dr Hoyte said he was suing “for my son and others’ kids, so they may have a healthier, happier, trans-fat-free future”.

He added: “If I had known that KFC uses an unnatural frying oil, and that their food was so high in trans fat, I would have reconsidered my choices,” he said.

people absolutely amaze me sometimes…sue a fast food comapny for cooking with unhealthy oils…how about you don’t lug your fat ass to KFC every damn day…or at least get out of the car to get your fried chicken as opposed to using the drive thru :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, but wouldn’t all that ‘exercise’ only result in the purchase of more chicken?

Still, there’s a huge difference between ordinary fat and trans-fat. Sue away. In Denmark the board of health and welfare were quick to ban high levels and seriously restrict trans-fat in food. Trans-fat is nasty.

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

as for me, i cook all my chicken in motor oil :iagree:

it’s so typical to have the mentality of “this is making me fat so i’m going to sue” as opposed to “this is making me fat so I should make healthier food choices and not eat fast food junk 6 nights a week”

mmm tasty

want to make me dinner sometime?

This is still not about becoming fat, but KFC using an oil high in trans-fat, which in high doses does kill you. Ordinary fat and obesity does too, but trans-fat is much more malicious. And it’s extremely hard to know what food contains it and which doesnt. Therefore I think this lawsuit is very relevant, after all, lawsuits is the only way to change anything in usa, and it’s not as stupid as it sounds.

If hydrogenated oil containing trans fatty acids is so bad for you, then for the love of g-d why are they allowed to even use it.

i understand that airhead, but my point is that if you recognize that transfatty acids are dangerous and are concerned about your health then why the hell are you eating at KFC?

because it’s tasty…and tasty fast food = more $$$

and them being allowed to use it is what the lawsuit is about.

I dont eat at KFC. I cant, there’s none to eat at :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m thinking of Average Joe. Average Joe knows it’s not healthy to eat at KFC everyday, but he probably does not know much about trans-fats. And the only reason why there’s trans-fat in Joes KFC-meal is that it’s cheaper for them to produce. And I see no reason why a company should be allowed to make food even more dangerous, just for profits. It wont cost them much to use proper oil, and it’ll probably taste better too, especially since the nutty PR-woman said it wont.
I hereby declare trans-fatty (what a silly name) acids to be antichrist!

@reasonsnotrules I take it that this is another make the money and who cares about the customers health issue.

… well im still going to eat at kfc even if it does kill me… but the way that some Americans are making it sound, its like someone has put cyanide in the special ingredients and they have no-where else to eat… just eat a damn sandwich

Another court case … another bunch of fatties … another fatty eatery …

I’m still amazed at the USA.

I’ll always laugh at that picture.

sorry…should have put a disclaimer…if your name is haveacigar you might get turned on by the picture on the right :slight_smile:

Lol, that picture has been running around Oz for several years … Bondi (beach area of major city) Vs Penrith (inland/western low socio-economic area).