Gothika - German Releas

The movie “Gothika” (German Release) can not be copied with AnyDVD and any other copy-program. Any advice to copy this movie???

Maybe this disc has a new copy protection.

Please contact SlySoft customer support (please provide your AnyDVD Serial Number). Use this email address: support (at) (exchange “at” with @)

Please zip all .ifo files from the DVD (only the .ifo files!) and send it with your e-mail, telling that:

1.) You suspect this DVD has a copy protection AnyDVD can’t handle
2.) A step by step description what happens, if you try to copy the DVD (e.g., CloneDVD error code, etc.) and why you suspect, that it has an additional copy protection.
3.) Title of the DVD
4.) Region code
5.) Country
6.) Releasing Studio (e.g. Columbia TriStar, Warner, …)
7.) Any other useful information to identify this DVD
8.) Your AnyDVD Serial Number. You can find it by clicking the “Info” tab in the settings window.
9.) Your AnyDVD Version. You can find it by clicking the “Info” tab in the settings window.
10.) Versions of other programs you use (CloneDVD etc.)

You can write your e-mail in German if you like, the support team understands it.

Thank you for your help!

The same problem seem to be in the mvie “The Missing”.
I send the complete Ifo files from “The Missing” by mail.
At his time i have download the trial version of AnyDVD Version
I´m not an owner of this product. Only a friend use AnyDVD with a licence key but he won´t to purchase this key because i should buy this version,too.
Now i have 10 days for trial an will buy this product if it is expired.

Could it be a problem to use the trial Version with a copy protected movies??
I think i should work correctly in these 21 days, right???

Hi the copy protection on Gothika is the same as on the Missing(German Edition) e.g. Sony´s New Protection(have a look at the backside of the disk and see the Logo of Sony). But there is a way to copy the movie anyway. Just use DVD Decrypter in IFO-Mode go to VTS 7 check the main Movie file but uncheck the cells 1 to 4. If you hold the mouse over the cell for a second you will realise that they have the length zero. Those files are corrupt and cause the problems. After you have unchecked them just decrypt and voila it works. After that just run the files thru dvd2one or dvdshrink to correct the vts values(rearrange them).After that you can easily use Nero or your favourite Burnprogram to burn the dvd. Did it the same way with The Missing and it worked.

use its works fine i have it tested anydvd go home
greets to all german people. ps the missing, der VIII Grad, gothica

you can also look at in the board there are other ways to copy it, only for germans or who understands it, post reply if it works

use dvd decrypter 3.5 it works it found one dummy sector, after use dvd shrink

so theres no on the fly 1:1 DL burning solution yet?


i am sofucking pissed of about the support from slysoft

pls keep cool, all engineers are on it, get a cool drink and wait a few weeks :wink:

Why? You haven’t even bought an AnyDVD license (as you said numerous times)…
What do you expect?
And you have already said yourself, that you can copy it with DVDDecrypter & Shrink. (And that AnyDVD can “go home”).
Sorry, I don’t understand you… :confused:

… maybe he wants sw for free additional “gold plated” :))

I have found a Programm that can rip Gothika and The Missing also. Its called DVDwasher (, but its Italian and you need Anydvd too. Anyhow its pretty simple to use.
Open DVDwasher
Video_ts.ifo originale -> Source Path
Cartella di destinazione -> Destination Path
Fast Error Skip choose Gestione Block Error di AnyDVD
Identifica Fake PGC choose Tipo DVDBlanker
Than Push the Pulisci DVD Button and wait till the job is done
Now you can use CloneDVD o. DVDShrink to shrink the files



i have got a big problem with this movie.
I ripped it like “Lamath” said. (Uncheck cells 1-4 in vts 7).
Now I want to use DVD shrink to re-author the DVD
but I get an Error message:
"DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.
Failed to open file “D:\Gothika\VIDEO_TS\VTS_07_0.VOB”.

What can I do?
Please help me! Thx!!!

Use AnyDVD or better.

I downloaded today AnyDVD Trial.
Some Things work, but DvdShrink doesn’t work!
I thought that these bullshit works like a driver and correct the
errors in *.ifos???

Finally I want have the main movie and its working *.ifos ;-(

Anyone an idea?

I thought that these bullshit works like a driver and correct the errors in *.ifos???

Why you say “these bullshit” on you first trail (or is it ?) find another way to backup your films if not happy with your FREE trial … :bow:


I could copy Gothika - German Release using AnyDVD without any problems.

Guess you must have made something wrong

Hi, I try to copy Gothika ( German release ) with newest version of AnyDVD, but it doesn’t work !!! Shrink and Recode gave the same Error - message: “Failure in DVD-structure” - I decrypt it with DVD-Decrypter - Same problem. Movie “The Missing” runs and “Gothika” didn’t !!!

Have anyone a solution ???

As DVDShrink shows this error even without AnyDVD enabled, I believe it is a problem between DVDShrink and this particular disc.
The problem is very likely not related to the copy protection.
Because Nero Recode has the same engine as DVDshrink, it behaves identically.

Maybe it’s time to try CloneDVD. :wink:
This will work.