Gothic2 (new securom)- how do i copy it?

Hi all,

I bought the german release of Gothic2, and now i want to copy it. But this game has the newest securom copy protection, and I have no idea how to override it. So can anyone help me copying this Gothic2 game?

Did you try the twinpeak method at all?

Sony claimed some stuff about a new version of SecuROM, but every single point of “improvements” is aimed at making cracks more difficult.

well, first of all let you know that i´m not a very experienced cd-burner. I know that gothic2 uses the newest version of securom and has a lot of improvements to make cracks harder. But when i make an image of a game (not gothic2, i haven´t tried it yet) and then burn it with clonecd for example, the game always wants the CD to be inside tray, even if it´s already there. Then you need a crack, don´t you?

If I burn Gothic2 using this twinpeak method, won´t I still need a Crack to get game working, because the game doesn´t notice the burnt CD inside the tray?

What you’ve done can’t work of course…

If you have a reader that is good for reading twin sectors (e.g. LiteOns), then it will not notice that you use a backup, if properly made using Twinpeak.

I tried every method with every software to make a 1:1 copy of gothic 2…failed everytime.CD’S,images…you name it!

I am not a newbie…ut2000 was no problem.Why no success…just one of those things I guess.

toshiba sd-m1712
plextor 241040A

P.S PATCHES LIKE THE BWA’S ARE INCLUDED IN MY ATTEMPTS(even if that’s nothing to do with purely 1:1 backups)

EVEN downloaded some ready made ones

I don’t know if Gothic 2 (German) is really SecuRom new, because on GameCopyWorld they say it’s VOB ProtectCD. But on the other hand in the system registry SecuRom Keys are generated when you start the game (i tried it).
And another problem:
If burning with BlindWrite + BWA you need 2 CD’s for the protected one, one to install from and one to play from, but that can’t work for Gothic 2, because right after installation (after the last file has been copied) it checks for the protection the first time. Any idea on how to back up this game so it will work?

Tried burning with BW using BWA: Didn’t work.
Also tried with Alcohol using VOB ProtectCD V5 settings: Didn’t work too.

Create image in Alcohol with latest Securom settings (DPM Presicion = HIGH). Then mount image in Daemon.3.26.
Alcohol is blacklisted in this version of Securom.

Yes, i know it works that way. But because i do not have very much hd-space so i would like to burn it. Hope this is possible in the near future…

Thanks anyway.

Burn the image as a data cd and mount it from there… Piece of cake.