Gothic II problem



I have a Gothic II that is secured by SafeDisc 2.9
I have a image that work in Daemon Tools 3.29 without
problem and without emulation.
But when I try write this image on CD with
Alcohol or CloneCD this not work
I have a Gothic II application error …

My CDR/W is LTR-24102B


Gothic II => securom 4.8x not safedisc 2.9.

See this thread for how to copy it with ccd.


This is Polish version.
I think that my LTR-24102B can’t copy SafeDisc 2.9:(((


Since Gothic II is securom why do you care if your LTR-2410b can copy safedisc 2.9. You have to use the twinpeaks method.


Because polish version is safedisc2


OK, i see where this is going. diable22 you should scan first with something like yaps or clonyxxl to see if its safedisc or securom. You made no mention of where you live as doug points out the polish version is safedisc rather than securom. Given its safe disc you should take into consideration 2 sheep or not 2 sheep. Given securom you need a good sub channel reader and twinpeak method. Please scan and state the protection it uses, this will help greatly in further guidance.