Gothic 3 Iii

Gothic 3 Iii

Ok guys i got GOTHIC 3 and i wanna make a back up , problem is when i sccanned with A-RAY i get the protection below. Is it possible to make your own backup of it ?

[18:43:45 PM] JoWooD Xprot detected -> D:\Gothic III\engine.dll
[18:43:48 PM] JoWooD Xprot detected -> D:\Gothic III\game.dll
[18:44:09 PM] — File(s) Scan Finished [22.42s] —
[18:44:15 PM] No Protection detected -> D:\GOTHIC3 [AF9F0870]



Buy the software called “5 Star Game Copy.” It will copy virtually any game in any format (pc/ps2/xbox etc…).
Look here:
(P.S. I posted the wrong link in the answer in the Newbie forum…use the one above, instead.)

so it will make a perfect backup so i can play it ?

Yep…as far as I know. A mate of mine uses it and it hasn’t failed him once. :iagree: :slight_smile:

can i make image and mount it, or i must burn to dvd ?

Go to this forum, join, and ask the question…assuming that you have bought the software.

to bad that forum isnt active much, if anyone else knows anhything appreiciate it greatly

im also trying to make a backup tried burn with blindwrite didnt work and also a dpm high copy with alcohol and then mount in dt4.06 wont work :confused:

dolsie which blindwriteu u use?

Seems it uses Tages protection so Alcohol, Blindwrite, CloneCD won’t work… you could give VirtualCD 8 a try with a custom profile. I read it worked with Tages never tested it by myself and maybe this is a new Tages version which also kicks VCD 8 of the list.

p.s. Use the trial of 5 Star Game Copy and don’t ‘waste’ your money on this…

what u mean custom profile?

I’m not familiar with virtual cd last i tried was version 6 i think a lot has changed since then. If I remember correctly you can use some kind of standard profiles and create your own profiles maybe someone else has got more info for you.

Here’s the Tages tutorial using VirtualCD 8 with screenshots. It’s in german but I think using Babel Fish and some common sense will give you an idea how it [B]may[/B] work.

Tutorial for dumping here.

Tutorial for mounting the image here.

Babel Fish :wink:

p.s. I didn’t try it and it seems not to be a very reliable method according to the success rate, good luck.

yup, its tages + jowood x-prot protection, 5 star will NOT work… its a piece of crap (and its really a renamed gamejack… using alcohol/daemon tools engine)…

apparently virtual cd (or higher) has been successful backing up this game… grab the demo and try it i guess…

I’ve tried with no success. I’ve used that language translator, but it just does not translate properly, and its hard to totally understand :frowning:

The author has a virtual CD image file, I replaced with mine, still no worky.

If anyone has had success backing up this game, please let us know how!

I’ve been tossing this around with different settings for 3 days now, I’m gettting a little tired loooooool (making the image takes 6+ hrs on my 'puter)

Well, you need to use a backup that was created with Virtual CD. But there’s a NO-CD patch out for the European version of Gothic III already.