Gothic 2 - Slovak Protection?

Hey…does anyone know how to defeat the slovak protection encryption for Gothic 2? Also any other undetected protection software that anyone is aware of that Gothic 2 has…

SVKP in itself is not a copy protection, it encrypts some file to make cracks much more difficult to create. A sector scan of the CD with aray should give you an idea of what copy protection it uses (if any).

As a matter of fact I have completed some more research on the game of mine and have found out that it uses SecuRom 4.8+ for protection…can anyone give me a step by step (mostly just what optons to tick off…) process to create a working copy of this game using anything BUT alcohol?



Again…I need to find a process that DOESN’T involve alocohol…

Ah sorry missed that bit! Try here then.


It´s necesary to know what version of Gothic 2 we are talking!!
English version - Securom 4.8X
Spanish Version (example) - Securom 5.03 + Jowood protection (Like Knights of Honor)
With both versions you can make a “1:1” backup with the methods described above by ViruHack but with the spain version and knights of honor is not posible to run the titles from a virtual drive like alcohol or daemon. With the english version is posible.