Got the burner, discs, and software....but not the CPU

My Pentium II 266 always did what I asked of it 'til I tried to copy a DVD. I would like to know the minimum system specs required to burn a decent copy. I’ve got the above CPU, 256 RAM, NVIDIA TNT2 32Mb, and new ND 3550A running Win 2K. Thanks

I would say your on the very lowest end of the minimum spec pc to rip/record a dvd. Quite a lot of programs will automatically ajust the speed of the burn and rip to suit your computer speed. Its just a matter of have you got the time to wait 6 hours for it to rip a dvd. Although i would suggest a Pentium 3 500mhz minumum to give you that extra umph and shorter rip and burn times. Other than that graphics doesnt matter unless your editing or anything like thath and for the ram 256mb will do but 512 is always handy for when your burning to DVD. Will shorten the times by a little bit.

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a pentium2 266 is a lil light for dvd backup, personally. There are no solid rules this, but minimum I’s try it with is 1+ghz cpu, min 512meg ram, and the more hdd space the better, atleast 20gig free for ripping. I don’t know what your budget is, your burner is top notch, the video card is negligible and the os is fine.

You could make due with less, and do better with more, but transcodeing is cpu intensive, and the more ram the better…:slight_smile:

Hope this helps…:slight_smile:

I might as well get a new MoBo & CPU. Once I burn 'em I want them to look good (on screen) when I play 'em back. Do I need all that 3DNOW! and SSE3 stuff? I ain’t rich, but I know I can get a MoBo, CPU, and RAM for $300 or less.

If you’re reencoding, I know some encoders scoff if your processor doesn’t have at least a basic SSE instruction set. As for 3DNow!, this is a technology only AMD uses so not too much software depends on it, and I’m not sure if you’ll see any gain from SSE3 over SSE2, but since it’s on every new Pentium 4 and likely every new AMD 64 processor, you may just end up with it, and it sure can’t hurt to have.